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The Swedish Carnivore Association (SCA) strives towards a society where people and carnivores can coexist in Sweden. We want to increase the general public´s acceptance of carnivores and the understanding that carnivores also have a right to exist in our nature and hunt their natural prey. We want to safeguard a responsible management of LCs, which includes respect for human interests.

Our work

The SCA is a consultative body to the Government, the Environmental Protection Agency and the County Administration in matters of carnivores. Regional representatives of the Swedish Carnivore Association exist in most counties. The Association is also represented on the Environmental Protection Agency's central "Carnivor Council" and in several of  the Wildlife management Delegations of the County Administration.

We survey large carnivore management in Sweden and react against and bring attention to management practices we believe must be changed for the better. We influence policymakers and managers and sometimes take special hunting issues to court in order to keep the pressure up for good management practices.

•    We devote extensive efforts to respond to referrals and write letters to the central and regional authorities concerning large carnivore management

•    We participate in the public debate in real life and in media and contribute with our facts and views on carnivores

•    In direct contact with the authorities and politicians, we  provide policy-makers and officials at the local, regional and central level, with a  nuanced picture of the carnivores and their role in nature.

•    Members participate in track inventories and act as guides in inventories organized by the County Administrations.

•    We organize tracking courses for the training of our members.

•    Many members are committed volunteers and help livestock owners in predator areas to build carnivore secure fences to protect the animals.

•    We disseminate information about carnivores and meet people by lecturing, participation in fairs and exhibitions and organizing information events.

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Phone: +46-8-441 4117
E-mail: info@rovdjur.se